How did you two meet? Alex and I met at the Braidwood Rodeo. I’d never have dreamed that I’d meet my future husband at a rodeo. He is not a cowboy, rest assured.


When did you know he was the one? About 3 months into our dating history on a European holiday when he ‘designed’ our dream house on a napkin and put in a floor to ceiling library for me. It was the library that had me weak at the knees. The napkin is now framed and on our coffee table. The library is sadly yet to eventuate.


Who proposed and how did it go down? Alex proposed to me. First, he made me climb to the top of Mt Stilwell (Kosciuszko’s slightly shorter cousin) in the snow. I was ill-attired (3/4 Lululemon leggings does not snow attire make.) I was tired and cold and grumpy about all the effort for what I perceived to be nothing but a view. But then he pulled out a diamond ring and asked me to marry him. I said yes and then I pretty much skipped back down the mountain.


Tell us the story of how you fell in love with your GBN dress? I was just about ready to give up hope when I found it. I’d tried on so many poofy dresses with far too much tulle. Or dresses in the wrong size that of course looked awful. I didn’t have a particular picture for my dress in mind. All I knew was that I wanted a beautiful silhouette. Ironically I’d always said I didn’t want lace or mermaid style for my dress and yet Dahlia is both of those things. When I tried it on, it fit almost perfectly and it did create a beautiful silhouette. GBN was amazing about making little changes to be more my style. And I think it ended up pretty remarkable!


What was the wedding theme/style for your special day? Our overarching vibe was simple and elegant. We had a few subtle nods to the rodeo at which we met (e.g. our hashtag was #notourfirstrodeo) and we otherwise had navy/burgundy coloured things when colour was required. 


On your wedding day, what was the moment that made you cry the most / What was the moment that made you laugh the most? I laughed most when Alex vowed to help me create a beautiful and stubborn clone of me.


Any advice for future brides? Keep your guest numbers to below 50 if you can swing it. It made for the most beautiful, intimate and above all else easily plannable wedding.


Please list credits for any of your wedding vendors to be mentioned (photographer, venue, make-up artist etc)

Photographer: Sam Walklate

Venue: Old Church at Milton

Makeup: Divine Makeup Artistry



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