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Everything we do, we create, we design at Goddess By Nature has roots in one philosophy – all women are goddesses, and each deserves to feel like one. 


Throughout our years of design and brand creation, our morals have always been the same, we are strong believers in body positivity. We have always considered the unique shapes and sizes of each feminine body when crafting our gowns, and we strive to create dresses that look gorgeous on every figure.


Goddess By Nature first gained momentum in 2012 with our bridesmaid gowns, one classic design in particular, worn and loved by thousands of bridal parties across Australia – our Signature Multiway gown. As one of the pioneers of this Multi-Award winning functional design, we wanted to go above and beyond in delivering comfort for our customers. So, we used a soft stretch jersey with a beautiful satin finish that fell flawlessly from the waist and swirled effortlessly with every twirl. Each bridesmaid who tried on our Signature Multiway gown fell completely in love. Fast-forward a few years and our classic bridesmaids collections are stocked in 50+ stores internationally. With copious amounts of positivity and feedback from brides and bridesmaids, we were then inspired to do something we had always dreamed of – we created our initial Goddess By Nature bridal collections – Exclusive Luxe, Timeless Classic and Modern Romantic.


The most important thing to us when designing each bridal gown was to stay true to our ideals – that each gown would be comfortable to wear, adaptable to all body figures but most importantly each gown would make our GBN bride feel like a goddess.


Our three initial collections were launched at three different pricing tiers, to cater to a wide range of brides. Our Exclusive Luxe collection was designed for the bride with a love for finely crafted detail, each stitch creates an overall look of sparkling luxury and elegance. Our Timeless Classic collection was designed for a much more laid back type of bride, the free-spirited woman who is effortlessly cool in everything she does. She’s unafraid of the unbeaten path. Our Modern Romantic collection was designed for the woman who does things a little differently, with minimalistic gowns for a subtle-look and bridal separates for something completely non-traditional.


What was also important for us when creating these collections was to allow each gown to be crafted into something one-of-a-kind. After all, each bride is different and her idea of a dream gown is a unique product of her mind. Each woman is different and we wanted our bridal gowns to be reflective of that. That is why we decided to offer a wide range of customisation options for each gown. Our bride’s can fall in love with their dream GBN dress and take further steps to make it her own.


These are some of the customisation options we offer: Split sizing, leg slits, lined bodices, sheer bodices, colour lining options, tulle colour options, extra length, long trains, short trains – our list goes on and on.


At Goddess By Nature we continuously strive to serve our GBN brides, giving them each a truly unique experience and a once-in-a-lifetime gown.


Our bridal and bridesmaid gowns had been featured in: Modern Wedding Magazine (with a Cover Feature of our SIENNA gown in Winter 2017), Cosmo Bride, The Knot, Wedding Chicks, Ruffled Blog, Luna & Honey, everAFTER, Hello May and White Magazine.


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