Our #GBNbride Monette tied the knot in New Zealand wearing our Thalia Gown.


When did you know Jana was the one? 
Jana and I met at the Australian Open in Melbourne in 2015, through our mutual friend Charlotte (who was the maid of honour at our wedding). We were with a big group of friends and we chatted for ages before I realised Jana was actually on a date with another girl. We definitely hit it off because a week later he asked me out on a proper date.
Who proposed and how did it go down? 
We were living in Melbourne and going out for date night, when we walked down one of the laneways and Jana stopped… I turned to the graffiti art wall and saw a big mural that read “ Marry Me Netty?” He dropped to one knee and the rest was a blur. 
Tell us the story of how you fell in love with your GBN dress?
I was trying on a few different dresses at Always & Forever, when my maid of honor pulled out the GBN dress. It wasn’t what I expected I would fall in love with, but something about it took my breath away. When I tried it on I felt so comfortable and like a true goddess..I knew it was the one!
What was the wedding theme/style for your special day?  
The theme of our wedding was “Maori Modern”. We wanted to make sure that Jana’s Maori heritage ran through the theme of the wedding while still incorporating the modern edge all whyle being on his family’s farm. 
On your wedding day, what was the moment that made you cry the most / What was the moment that made you laugh the most?  
The most special moment was when Jana’s Uncles & Cousins performed the Haka after our speeches. Such a powerful and special moment.
Any advice for future brides?
I learnt along the way to focus on the things that you want out of your wedding and not the other things you think people will care about. The little things are really the little things. If you enjoy your day everyone else will too!

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Photographer: Charlotte Kiri Photography

Bridal Gown: Thalia worn with our Tulle Cape Veil